West Virginia Parkways Authority.

Look for Safe Phone Zones sponsored by Encova Insurance on the Turnpike

WVPA Encova Sponsorship

The Announcement.

On October 9, 2020, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced an innovative sponsorship with Encova Insurance to encourage motorists to stop driving distracted and instead to utilize WV Turnpike facilities, including its Welcome Center, Rest Area, and Travel Plazas, as Safe Phone Zones. New, informative signs, sponsored by Encova, have been installed along the Turnpike leading to these facilities.

West Virginia Turnpike Safe Phone Zones.

Mainline signage informs motorists of upcoming Safe Phone Zones. Additional onsite signage advises motorists about the sponsorship and discourages distracted driving by offering safe locations to stop and use cell phones and other communication devices. Encova sponsorship provides a supplemental funding source to offset WV Turnpike operating costs.

The State's Commitment.

““We want every West Virginian to get out and enjoy the incredible beauty our state has to offer. But we’ve all got to make a real commitment to doing so safely. That’s why I fully support our new Safe Phone Zones. These are spots where you can take care of any business you might have on your cell phone safely, so that when you get back behind the wheel, you can put your phone away and put your full focus on the road, where it belongs.”

– WV Governor Jim Justice

The Sponsor's Commitment.

"Distracted driving has plagued our nation. We are proud to sponsor this program to help drivers throughout West Virginia be safer on the road."

– Encova President and CEO TJ Obrokta Jr.