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Nine states embrace repurposing highway stops as Safe Phone Zones.

States Seeking Rest Area Sponsors.

State departments of transportation and turnpike authorities are increasingly making headlines for their efforts to attract private sector partners to provide additional funding for the operation and maintenance of Welcome Centers, Rest Areas, and Travel Plazas. Recognizing a trend in the industry, the media reports that states continue to release Requests for Proposals seeking sponsors for its rest stops. Virginia, Florida, and Arizona are amongst the first to have implemented sponsored Safe Phone Zones.


Rest Area Sponsorship in the Headlines.

Read up on the latest stories focusing on state efforts to procure sponsors to generate revenue in support of Rest Areas.

May 16, 2018
NCDOT and GEICO unveil "Safe Phone Zones" at Rest Areas

June 21, 2017
NJDOT offers a safe place to TXT a LOL to your BFF from the road

June 21, 2017
That text can wait – Pull over to these 14 'safe phone zones' on NJ roads

April 13, 2017
Illinois Tollway and GEICO remind drivers to use Safe Phone Zones at six Oases

November 29, 2016
TxDOT Launches Safe Phone Zones, sponsored by GEICO, at Rest Areas, Travel Information Centers Across the State

September 2, 2016
GEICO Teams Up with NY to Prevent Distracted Driving

May 25, 2016
ADOT and GEICO remind motorists to use 'Safe Phone Zones' at Arizona rest areas

June 1, 2015
FDOT and GEICO Unveil "Safe Phone Zone" Signs on Florida's Highways

Media Recognizes Dangers of Distracted Driving.

Distracted driving continues to make the headlines with the public hearing more tragic stories of crashes caused by texting while driving. Private sector companies focused on anti-distracted driving messaging in their marketing campaigns, coupled with advances in technology are helping to curb cell phone use while driving. As a result, news of public and private sectors working together to resolve this epidemic receive heightened media attention, recognition, and praise.     


Distracted Driving in the Headlines.

Stay up to date with the most recent media reports on the distracted driving epidemic from coast to coast.

September 23, 2020
NSC to observe 10th anniversary of Distracted Driving Awareness Month this October

June 11, 2020
Bad Behavior: Drivers know it's wrong, but many do it anyway

July 10, 2018
Study: Majority of drivers do not believe texting while driving is dangerous

May 16, 2018
Distracted driving–why we risk our lives behind the wheel

May 8, 2018
Study: Distracted drivers very dangerous

February 6,2018
What happens when a driver kills someone while fiddling with a cellphone? Often, not much

November 17, 2017
Young men, frequent drivers most likely to get distracted while driving

October 5, 2017
Infotainment increases distracted driving: Study

Press Interest.

Travelers Marketing is the only sponsorship and marketing agency to have successfully sold Safe Phone Zone Sponsorships at department of transportation and tollroad authority rest areas, welcome centers, and travel plazas. As the creator of the concept and a leader in the charge to redefine Rest Area Sponsorship, the company has worked closely with state departments of transportation, tollroad authorities, and the Federal Highway Administration. Travelers Marketing's main objective is to work with the public and private sectors to generate additional revenue in support of the ongoing maintenance and operation of state-operated travel facilities and to offer a partial solution to the distracted driving epidemic. For more information on this effort, contact us.