NCDOT GEICO Sponsorship

The Announcement.

On May 16, 2018, North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Chief Engineer Tim Little, alongside representatives from the the Federal Highway Administration and GEICO, announced a new statewide effort that encourages North Carolina drivers to stop driving distracted. Highway rest areas are now rebranded as Safe Phone Zones, and have signage asking drivers to wait to check their phones until they arrive at one of these locations.

North Carolina DOT Safe Phone Zones.

As part of a national effort encouraging drivers to pull into a safe location to use their phones for calling, texting and accessing mobile apps, North Carolina has designated all 58 rest areas across the state as Safe Phone Zones. New, informative signs sponsored by GEICO have been installed along the highways leading to these facilities. GEICO sponsorship of the Safe Phone Zones is a supplemental funding source to offset operating costs of North Carolina's rest areas.

The Sponsor's Commitment.

"Safe Phone Zones give us an opportunity to do more to help reduce the number of distracted drivers on North Carolina's highways. We always urge drivers to pull off to a safe spot to check their phones. Now we have a more effective way to remind them there are safe, convenient areas available for them to get connected through Safe Phone Zones."

– John Pham, GEICO Regional Vice President

North Carolina Department of Transportation.

New Safe Phone Zone signs encourage

safe driving practices.

The State's Commitment.

“Last year, 1,394 people died in vehicle crashes in North Carolina, many due to distracted driving. This is far too many lives gone and more must be done to increase driver awareness. Programs such as this GEICO partnership help remind every driver who gets behind the wheel that they must become part of the solution.”

– NCDOT Chief Engineer Tim Little