Arizona DOT.

Rest Areas designated as Safe Phone Zones to promote safe driving.

Public-Private Partnership.

As the state’s first fully implemented public-private partnership, Arizona DOT's sponsorship agreement with GEICO is designed to enhance highway safety and promote the use of rest areas as Safe Phone Zones. As part of the nationwide effort to reduce distracted driving, Arizona Safe Phone Zones encourage motorists' use of the state's 25 rest areas to make phone calls, text and check email. This multi-year sponsorship agreement will bring in additional revenue to the state’s highway system for reinvestment in rest areas and other highway operational needs.

The Announcement.

On June 10, 2014, officials from Arizona Department of Transportation, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and GEICO unveiled the new Safe Phone Zone signs installed at 25 highway rest areas across the state. The signs feature the GEICO Gecko image and can be seen along the highways leading to the rest areas and within the rest areas themselves. Representatives, including executives from GEICO and Arizona DOT, were available for one-on-one interviews.

Watch the video here.

Safe Phone Zone AZ

The State's Commitment.

“ADOT’s top priority is safety and we are committed to educating the public about the dangers of distracted driving. These Safe Phone Zones provide travelers with the opportunity to pull into a rest area where they can use their phones safely and responsibly. We are able to move this project forward because of the legislation enacted to generate public-private partnerships in Arizona — partnerships that have proven to be an innovative approach to funding transportation projects with non-traditional funding sources.”

– ADOT Director John Halikowski


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The Sponsor's Commitment.

“Distracted driving is a major concern for motorists in Arizona and across the country. Each year, there is a growing number of injuries and fatal accidents directly related to this issue,” said Martha Furnas, GEICO regional vice president. “GEICO is proud to partner with the Arizona Department of Transportation to create Safe Phone Zones throughout the state, where motorists can answer texts and make phone calls, all in a safe and convenient environment.”