Safe Phone Zones.

Helping you to drive safely.

And to talk, text and surf safely.

A Partial Solution to Distracted Driving.

Safe Phone Zones provide drivers with safe, convenient places to use their communication devices, helping to curb the distracted driving epidemic. Strategically located and easily accessed along the nation's highways, Rest Areas and Welcome Centers are the perfect antidote to this epidemic... Learn More

Case Study: Virginia.

On August 30, 2012, Governor Bob McDonnell announced the first in the nation Rest Area Safe Phone Zone Sponsorship program that designates 43 Virginia welcome centers and rest stops as safe areas to use cell phones. Working with VDOT, GEICO sponsors this new program that reminds drivers to stop, pull over and safely call, text and otherwise use their cell devices in a safe environment... Learn More

"My administration has moved aggressively to find innovative solutions for maintaining and operating Virginia's rest areas and welcome centers, which provide a safe place for travelers to rest and gather information about the many attractions and services Virginia has to offer. By partnering with the private sector, we are not only keeping our rest areas open, but we are making our roads safer by discouraging distracted driving."

- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell